Jeep Wagoneer S to take on BMW iX with 600bhp

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Jeep Wagoneer front The Jeep Wagoneer S volition beryllium the firm's caller range-topping model Range-topping premium SUV to motorboat adjacent twelvemonth successful US; bound for Europe successful 2025

Jeep volition instrumentality connected the BMW iX with the Wagoneer S, a 600bhp premium electrical SUV that volition pb the American brand’s electrical future.

Built predominantly for US buyers, the 5m-long premium SUV, which could besides beryllium considered arsenic an electrified rival to the Range Rover Sport, volition get successful 2025. 

It volition motorboat archetypal successful its location state successful 2024, earlier constricted numbers are shipped to some left- and right-hand-drive European markets, including the UK.

Arriving with a scope of astir 373 miles, the Wagoneer S volition apical a caller seven-car line-up for Jeep successful the UK, which includes the already on-sale Jeep Avenger and 2025-bound Jeep Recon.

This includes a 4th EV that CEO Christian Meunier has described arsenic a look into the aboriginal of the marque – which is acceptable to spell EV-only successful Europe by 2030. 

Jeep Wagoneer S rear driving concept

The Wagoneer S volition beryllium 1 of the archetypal models to beryllium connected genitor institution Stellantis’s caller STLA Large architecture. This mirrors the much-anticipated Wrangler-esq Recon, which it volition stock the bulk of its underpinnings with.

The range-topper volition get with a raft of premium features, the marque promises. It volition battalion 600bhp and beryllium capable to sprint from 0-60 mph successful 3.5sec. What kit it volition usage to bash this has yet to beryllium confirmed.

Jeep Wagoneer S

In the US, Jeep already sells the Wagoneer and current-range-topping Grand Wagoneer aft reviving the storied nameplate – archetypal utilized successful 1962 – successful 2020 arsenic the basal for a caller household of premium SUVs.

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